Cost to repair a pool in Austin Texas

I hope, prior to your pool purchase, that no one told you owning a pool was cheap, because it’s certainly not. The median price of new pool construction in Austin is estimated to be $67,000, so naturally repairs on such an asset are not going to be friendly to the wallet. Some of the big components of the pool fall into a every-10-to-15-years refresh cycle, like your pool’s plaster, coping, liner, or decking. However cracks or chips due to shifts in soil and bedrock can lead to a surprise repair bill in the $3,000 to $5,000 range. Fortunately Austin doesn’t suffer from this problem as much as other areas in Texas. If your pool shows the need for structural repairs, contact a pool company with experience in this specific area, like LongHorn.

For repairing minor cosmetic damage to your swimming pool, usually accumulated through normal wear and tear, contact a pool company who specializes in remodeling services such as Blue Science. They’ll have a wide selection of materials to match your existing design.

Finally for repairs to pool equipment, almost any reputable pool company in Austin will do fine since most pools in Austin use the same top pool brands of equipment. Local area companies such as Weekly Austin Pool Cleaning perform pool equipment upgrades and repairs for reasonable prices.