San Antonio Residents Question Spa Costs

Pool owners in southern Texas cities such as San Antonio and Houston often consider adding a spa to their backyard space thinking that their native warm weather will help keep the costs of operating the spa to a minimum. While warm weather does reduce the energy usage of the spa heater, the heater is not the biggest factor of ongoing use and maintenance costs. Even people in colder areas can use an insulated spa cover to help negate their lack of proximity to warm climate. The costs in keeping your spa healthy are maintenance of the pumps (the hardest working piece of the spa), the motors, replacing filters, and routine cleaning of the water, pump strainer, the walls and the vacuum. You can read more about spa maintenance in greater detail here -> Pool Spa Maintenance Handbook. So if you’re a southern TX resident, buy a spa if you really want a spa, not because you think you’re privileged location will make it a more frugal purchase. Pool and spas are never frugal purchases, but they make life a blast!

For adding a spa to your pool, check out Blue Science of San Antonio and SA Local Pool Maintenance.